March 2008

Faculty Accomplishments

William Ganis
William Ganis Chaired the "Beatified but not Canonized" session concerning modern and contemporary artists that were once successful but are now mostly-forgotten, at the 2008 College Art Association Annual Conference, held this year in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Ganis had his feature article "The Digital Stone Project" regarding a cutting-edge digital atelier and the artists who work there published in the Winter 2007 issue of Sculpture Review magazine. In addition, his editorial commentary "Making the Cut" about the self-imposed insularity of the studio glass community was published in the "Reflection" column in the Spring 2008 issue of Glass Quarterly, a journal for which he is a Contributing Editor.

Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo 
In January-February 2008, Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo attended the 9th Annual Conference of Global Development Network held in Brisbane, Australia. His presentation within the panel on "Conflict Prevention in Africa" was: "Towards an Understanding of the Dynamics of the Political Economy of a Patron-Client Regime in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: What Lessons for A Genuine Conflict Prevention and Development Cooperation Discourses and Policy Design?" He also participated also on the workshop on "Fragile State;" His participation was sponsored by the Japan International Development Cooperation (JICA) in Tokyo, Japan.

Tukumbi also published an article entitled:  "China-Africa Relations in the Post-Cold War Era: Dialectics of Rethinking South-South Dialogue," CODESRIA Bulletin, Numbers 1 and 2 (2007).

Vic Muñoz

Vic Muñoz, currently a Visiting Scholar in Feminist, Gender & Sexualities Studies at Cornell University, presented a paper, "Toward a Decolonizing Transgender Psychology" as part of the Spring 2008 FGSS Colloquia.

Russell Posegate

Russell Posegate, adjunct faculty in music, performed a recital of solo piano music on February 29th. Featuring the G minor ballade by Frederic Chopin and Jeux d'Eau by Maurice Ravel, it also contained pieces by Liszt, Gershwin, Bach, Rachmaninoff, David Grusin, and an encore by Fazil Say.