February 2011

Faculty Accomplishments

Christopher Bailey, Professor of Chemistry hosted students from Mr. Scheffler's Chemistry course at the Southern Cayuga Central School on January 26. During the visit they spoke about careers in the sciences, toured Stratton Hall, and made and examined the properties of ferrofluid in one of the chemistry labs.


Bruce Bennett, Professor of English, participated in a reading by three contributors to the current issue of THE HEALING MUSE at the Trumansburg Public Library, January 30th, 2011. One of Professor Bennett's poems in the issue, "Something Real," was among work selected to appear on THE HEALING MUSE website:http://www.upstate.edu/bioethics/thehealingmuse/


Dandan ChenVisiting Assistant Professor of History, published two essays in November and December for the front page column in the culture supplement ofShanghai Weekly, a New York Times Book Review in Shanghai, China. 

Professor Chen published an article entitled "Various Aspects of Colleges in the United States" in Time-Weekly, an influential newspaper in China on December 30, 2010. This article introduces the liberal arts education in U.S., proudly using Wells College as an example. This article has been selected by and republished in almost all important internet media in China.

Professor Chen presented a paper entitled "The New Confucian Views on Religion in Twentieth-Century China" at the 125th Annual Meeting of American Historical Association (Boston, January 6-9, 2011). She was also the organizer the panel "The Sacred and the Secular: Religion and Its Encounter with the World" in which she presented her paper. 


Candace CollmerProfessor of Biology, presented an invited seminar to students and faculty at Shang Jiaotong University, Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China, on January 3, 2011.  The talk was entitled, "Summarizing the PAMGO Project:  Shared and Divergent Strategies of Plant Pathogenic Microbes Captured through Gene Ontology (GO) Annotation." 


Bryan DuffVisiting Assistant Professor of Education, in collaboration with Prof. Kim Wieczorek from Cazenovia College, received a grant for $24,500 from the New York Higher Education Support Center for Systems Change. This money will be used to support the efforts of the Mid-State Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling, which Prof. Duff co-chairs, to (a) support regional schools needing technical assistance in serving special-needs students in general education settings and (b) enhance the ability of teacher-education programs to prepare aspiring teachers to work with a diverse population.

Prof. Duff also was nominated to work on a statewide committee to help the New York State Education Department and Pearson develop a new multi-subject test for credentialing of teachers who wish to work with students with disabilities in grades 7-12.


Siouxsie Easter, Assistant Professor of Theatre, produced and created work for the performance installation "Sub rosa" in the String Room Art Gallery with colleagues Jeanne Goddard, Joe DeForest and Ernie Olson on February 4th. The installation examined the idea of secrets through performance, photography, 2D and 3D art.


Robert J. Ellis, Director of the Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, wrote an opinion piece for FundFire, an online asset management newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers, on the changing culture at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney as many former Merrill Lynch retail executives move to the firm. The article dealt with the appointment of Gregory Fleming as the new President of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and why he is culturally a good fit for the firm. The article also discussed some of the cultural aspects occurring presently at MSSB.

The article was subsequently picked up and reprinted by Bank Investment Consultant Magazine and American Banker, the largest trade daily in the US.


Cynthia J. Koepp, Professor of History, published a review of the book Guilds, Innovation, and the European Economy, 1400–1800, edited by S. R. Epstein and Maarten Prak (Cambridge University Press) in the December issue of the Journal of Modern History.


Leslie Miller-Bernal is contributing a chapter, "The Role of Women's Colleges in the 21st Century," for a book titled Diversity in American Higher Education, edited by Lisa M. Stulberg and Sharon Lawner Weinberg, which is to be published by Routledge in 2011.


Milene Morfei, Professor of Psychology, served as an abstract submission reviewer for the 2010 conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

Professor Morfei attended the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in Denver, CO, in October.


Vic Muñoz, Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, was invited to contribute a chapter in the forthcoming book, Practicing Gender/Trans/Gender: Transfeminist Perspectives Within and Beyond Gender Studies, edited by Anne Enke, Temple University Press.

On January 18, 2011 Dr. Muñoz attended the Research to Practice Webinar on Suicide Prevention among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Youth: Expanding the Frame and Broadening Our Approaches hosted by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) http://www.sprc.org/


Daniel Renfrow, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Professor Renfrow's book Gendered Situations, Gendered Selves: A Gender Lens on Social Psychology was published by Rowman-Littlefield. The book is co-authored with Jocelyn Hollander (University of Oregon) and Judy Howard (University of Washington). Professor Renfrow recently served as a faculty consultant for the Department of Sociology at Excelsior College.


Sirietta Simoncini (M. Arch.), Lecturer in Italian, served as an external reviewer on the final review committee for the Comprehensive Design course in the Architecture Department at Cornell University on December 4, 2010.


Crawford Thoburn, Professor of Music, conducted the Wells Choral Ensembles in their Fall Concert for Family and Friends Weekend on October 30th.  The student singers were accompanied by Russell Posegate, Lecturer in Piano.

Prof. Thoburn presented a talk for the October meeting of the Wells Faculty Club featuring his published choral compositions, arrangements and editions, illustrated by recorded performances of representative works.

On December 2nd Prof. Thoburn accompanied four of his voice students on the piano in "Eine kleine Nachtmusik," an informal student recital, and on December 5th he conducted the College Choral Ensembles in their annual Holiday Concert.  A large collection of food donated by the audience was contributed to the Cayuga Food Pantry.

Prof. Thoburn's published choral works have been performed extensively during the past few months.  Typical performances include:

His arrangement of the American folk-hymn "As Pants The Hart," sung by the choir to St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA

His arrangement of the Black Spiritual, "Go Down,Moses," sung by the choir of Grace Presbyterian Church in Bartlett, TN

His arrangement of Thomas Weelkes' madrigal "Welcome, Sweet Pleasure," sung by the All-County Chorus in Durham, NC

(this work has been placed on the recommended repertoire list for Middle School Choirs by the Eastern Division of the American Choral Director's Assoc.)

His arrangement of the Engish folksong, "We Plow The Fields ," sung by the choir of the Providence United Methodist Church in Richmond, VA

His composition, "There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue," sung by the choir of the First Presbyterian Church in Staunton, VA